SK Reddy, Chief Product Officer AI at Hexagon - How organizations can get ready for AI 

Silicon Valley based SK is the Chief Product officer AI at Hexagon. He is also an AI and ML expert and a successful twice startup entrepreneur. He is a frequent speaker in conferences and an AI blogger. He will talk about, how AI is transforming industries. Many CXOs have realized the benefits of AI and many of them want to take the organization towards AI. Here are some questions some have. How to prepare to understand AI better? Does my org. need AI? What “components” of AI do I need? How to get talent? How to upgrade the skills of my current team? What challenges can I work on? Do I need the help of consultants? What hardware and software additions do I need to make to my infrastructure? What are the stumbling blocks? How did other orgs do? What are the Dos and Don’ts? Will people lose jobs? How do I manage communication with my teams? How to find “message block holes” in my org? 
He would like to discuss practical approaches to cross the chasm of AI. He will also share some examples and checklists that could be used by orgs. At the end he will try to layout a practical approach on how organizations can transform. 
Nataraju Vusirikala, Head of Business Development @ Bosch Center for AI - Recipe to SCOUT for AI use-cases across the organization 

Nataraju is the Head of Business Development at Bosch Center for AI. He has AI consulting, product development and project delivery experience for a wide range of industry verticals like automotive, supply chain, manufacturing, agriculture and IoT. His current responsibility is to identify potential business opportunities for applying AI across different Bosch products and services. Previously, he worked on applying machine learning algorithms (regression analysis, clustering, neural networks, decision trees) to solve real-world problems. He has 10 publications, 6 patents and won an INFORMS global data challenge. 
He will talk about a Recipe to SCOUT for AI use-cases across the organization, focusing questions like: How to find AI usecases (with high impact)? What is the motivation for starting AI projects? Whom to reach out? Where to start ? 

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